Helping to rescue one animal at a time


Pets are created by us, the human race

When we took them from the wild with promise to care for themĀ if they shall be our companion and guide, and help us survive with their natural abilities that were beyond ours.

So it is us who was responsible to making them depend on us to provide food and shelter for them, for it is us who took theirs instinct to survive in the wild.

But in the modern world, we no longer need these creatures to survive, for these creatures of necessity now becomesĀ a creature of companion, for we craved their attention to us, their loyalty to us, their unconditional love for us, and most of all, their company.

But some of us have disregarded the unspoken pact we made with these animals generations ago, and have left them hopeless, and broken.

So it is to some of us that these animals look to for help and salvation.

And so we are here, to find a way.

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